Dan Frost - Guitar Instructor 

  Born into a family of musicians, Dan Frost began playing the guitar seriously around age 10, learning chords and entering talent contests.  After seeing the movie, "Crossroads" (which featured the renowned guitarist, Steve Vai), Dan left the theater thoroughly inspired, and vowed to dedicate his life to the guitar.  At 16, he studied for two years as a protégé of William Hollingsworth, another famous guitarist, clinician & teacher at many Southern California music institutes.  At 17, Dan became a publisher with BMI, on Elephant Trunk Music, his family's publishing entity.  At 18, Dan studied under Howie Bently, an instructor at the Atlanta Institute of Music, concentrating on progressive rock & blues.  With a band his father founded, appropriately named "Frost", he has toured the South East, the South, and all over the West Coast; gotten airplay at over three hundred radio stations, and sold several thousand CDs.  Dan has even toured the Netherlands with a popular Dutch band called "Crossband".  With this current project, DFC, Dan strives to convey both the intellectual and the soulful aspects of music, drawing from as many styles as he can, and selectively blending them to create his own signature sound as a soloist and singer-songwriter.  Dan also teaches guitar lessons in the Redding, California area where he currently resides.  His influences include: Steve Vai; Joe Satriani; Lita Ford; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Eric Johnson; Nuno Bettencourt; Angus Young; and many other players who Dan feels have put forth their own true voice through their music.

Dan can be reached at Herreid Music 530-243-7283 or by e-mail at danfrost103@yahoo.com